Coriolis: Arabian Nights in Space

Free League Publishing is back again with another space-themed RPG in Coriolis. Instead of a Western or cyberpunk setting. Coriolis gives you a middle eastern vibe and one that is fresh totally left field for ...

Dragonbane – Ducks inside

The bread and butter for Free League Publishing has been rejuvenating old TTRPGs for a new generation. Dragonbane is no different. Known as Drakar och Demoner, it was the first and biggest TTRPG in Sweden. It ...
Vaesen Symbaroum

A whole lot of Vaesen

As with the start of 2022, 2023 will start with me reviewing more releases from Free League Publishing. This time though it's two extensions to my 2022 Tabletop game of the year, Vaesen. At the end of 2022, Fr...