Dragonbane Bestiary: Prepare for evil

From cat people to chimaeras, fairies to frog people, hippogriffs to hydras, and many more – creatures both wondrous and horrifying are crawling, slithering, climbing and flying closer towards us all! Free Lea...

Coriolis: Arabian Nights in Space

Free League Publishing is back again with another space-themed RPG in Coriolis. Instead of a Western or cyberpunk setting. Coriolis gives you a middle eastern vibe and one that is fresh totally left field for ...

Dragonbane – Ducks inside

The bread and butter for Free League Publishing has been rejuvenating old TTRPGs for a new generation. Dragonbane is no different. Known as Drakar och Demoner, it was the first and biggest TTRPG in Sweden. It ...