This weekend saw Dublin Comic Con once again hit the hallowed halls of the Convention Centre. Unlike other conventions, this is no longer an annual event. If you cast your minds back a few months fans were treated to Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition and it was a massive success.

Now I entered the OG con this weekend and I was blown away. Let’s get this article started.

Cosplayers a go-go

To say that there were many a lot of great cosplayers would be an understatement. The quantity and more importantly quality of the creativity at Dublin Comic Con was above and beyond anything I’ve seen at any con in Ireland.

What was so impressive was that there were stunningly detailed cosplayers. For example, there was this particular cosplayer Bluesweettea is her name. She was cosplaying as Rose Quartz. From the flowing dress to the blade and shield she looked like she was ripped from Steven Universe (btw watch Steven Universe, I’m about to start season 3 and I am addicted).

On the opposite side of the spectrum was a cosplayer who was Kratos from God of War. He had the beard, the pale skin, and the iconic tattoo. The one major difference which tickled my fancy was that this particular Kratos is from the Victorian era so he had a gentlemen’s cane and suit. His reasoning? Kratos is a god he wouldn’t age so this is what he’d look like. It was genius.

These two were but a meagre corner of a much larger community showcased at Dublin Comic Con. It was brilliant.

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With a stroke of the brush

Once again there was an artists alley and it was packed with a huge menagerie of varied artistic talents. Usually, when I head to the artist’s alley there are some artists who have styles that may not gel with my flavour but this year I saw none of that (even though I saw way too many Keith/Shiro shipping sketches lol). This was a great artists alley but it does bring me to issues I had with Dublin Comic Con.

The cons of Dublin Comic Con

If there were any issues with the con it would be that space at times felt like an issue and this was most prevalent in artist’s alley. Due to the space management, there was little wiggle room to move around. This is, however, a testament to how many people attended this year so it’s an unfortunate con that comes with cons like Dublin Comic Con. I said con so many times in that sentence.

Guest, Guests, Guests!!

The guests in attendance were great. It’s as simple as that. Nick Frost, Dean Cain, Lochlyn Munroe, and John Romero are just a few of the names of the greats at this event. I adored meeting as many of them as I could and just geeking out. The lines were well managed and I was impressed with how quickly some of the lines were. In particular Nick Frost. I was waiting maybe 15 minutes and there was a long line for him.

What of the games!?

Well, you’ll be happy to know the retro gaming section was perfectly decked out for everything a young and old gamer would be looking for. Street Fighter, Pac-Man, and many, many more old school games were on offer for gamers to sink their teeth into. There was even a VR section so that gamers looking for something a little more modern could dive into. Wherever you looked you were treated to a lot of people having a lot of fun. On a side note, I found quite the gem at this event but it will have its own article because it needs to be treated with the proper respect. Suffice to say it’s about tabletop gaming, it’s homegrown talent, and I am already a customer by the time you’re reading this article.

Gaming at Dublin Comic Con

Gaming at Dublin Comic Con

6 months is too long

Everything came up Milhouse at Dublin Comic Con this year. There was so much to see, so much to do, and it was a great time. The next Dublin Comic Con can’t come soon enough even though I know my wallet is off in a corner crying right now. Hopefully, he’ll be recovered when the next one comes around 😉


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  1. Nick

    Did you get a chance to play or see any of the indie games? There was a pretty good showing next to the table top room.

    • Graham Day

      I did actually. I saw Althero and it looked like a lot of fun. Couldn’t get near the indie stuff save for simply taking it all in. Did you enjoy the con yourself Nick?

      • Nick

        Very much so! Although I was stuck in the Indie room for pretty much the whole weekend.

        Maybe I’ll catch you at the next event 🙂

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