E3 2019 brought us not only a brand new trailer, but also a decent chunk of live gameplay. EA showed us which direction Respawn wants to go down with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Is this game strong with the force or did Respawn pull a Watto?

Saw in the trailer

We start off with a shot of the water. Our new companion bot and undercover Jedi emerge and AT-ATs or Att-Atts are in the distance. Unusual here is that they have gunk and some kind of sea weed hanging off of them. Were they submerged long for a purpose? Or just forgotten on this planet? As expected we make our way into the cockpit and take out the stormtroopers… but what is this?

A younger looking, Saw Gererra hangs on our windshield. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is set before the events of Rogue One. So we get a look at Saw in his prime. I personally feel that that is a good move, as he had an air of untapped potential in Rogue One. I hope they utilise him better. Maybe we find out why he was turned into a bad cosplayer of Darth Vader in the movie. The rest of the trailer, although very well done, is a kind of standard Star Wars montage of scenes which do drive the ball home, but are not significant enough to write about.

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Star Wars Soulsborne

The first thing we got to was EA kicking off E3 and showing a nice bit of live gameplay. Brandon Jones, leader of the Easy Allies, stated that the private demo was played by a different person who showed more skill at the game.

The most important thing we learn during this live demo is that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is a Soulsborne type of game. We did get to see our trusty health and stamina bars and it turns out our robot companion is our estus flask, delivering us that tasty health drink. In this setting it does make sense that upgrading the bot, will increase the amount available and maybe we will even see hits of that have different effects.

Easy mode demo?

The way that Star Wars: Fallen Order looked, it could also be described as an easy Sekiro. Although I would assume that EA, instead of activating invincibility, turned down the difficulty and AI. This was made clear from the first moment, by none of the enemies causing any trouble or providing much threat to our hero. One could argue that “normal” people don’t pose any threat to a Jedi, BUT this is a game after all and we all want to feel some kind of challenge. I hope that this was the case just for demo purposes.

All In all I (yes I am a die hard Star Wars fan) cannot wait to play this game. Even if it may turn out to just be okay, which is fine and allowed to happen. I own more than 90 Star Wars books and not all of them are page turners, but all add something to Star Wars. I am pretty sure that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will add a new aspect to the Galaxy far, far away so many of us love. Now it is up to EA to ensure that it is something significant.

Steve, over and out.

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