It’s official ladies and gentlemen, Grand Theft Auto VI has been announced. We never thought this day would come but lo and behold, it’s here. And we here at GamEir are so excited, two of our writers have written about their excitement. Lewis and Niall are thrilled to discuss the Grand Theft Auto VI.

Niall’s grand thrilling aunty

Somehow despite the lack of critical acclaim, financial success and general interest sparked by the general public, there’s yet another Grand Theft Auto game on the way out. Hang on, lemme get out from under my rock… whoops! Turns out Grand Theft Auto V was pretty much the highest-grossing thing ever. Plus it’s been a while decade since that release! Hello, Grand Theft Auto VI!

The trailer went live late last night in response to it leaking a few days earlier than the intended debut. It showcases the incredible scale and detail of their newest title. It’s also a suitable introduction to the Bonnie and Clyde-esque protagonists. Lucia is the first female protagonist in the series since 1999. I’m certain gamers online will be Incredibly Normal™ about that.

The return of Vice City will return players to the sunshine and cocaine faux-Miami of old. And with the added wildlife including crocodiles wandering the streets, players are promised a madcap return to the juggernaut franchise.

Lewis’ great taunting arm

Ten years is a long time. So much so, that it has its own unit of measurement. A lot can happen in a decade. An entire childhood can be lived and is now becoming a nostalgic memory. The flame of a new relationship burning strong, igniting the torch on a lifetime of love. Or Grand Theft Auto V could get released three separate times over three generations of consoles. All jokes aside, due to the malice of a leaker online, Rockstar Games pushed forward their 2 PM release of “Trailer 1”.

While it is disappointing that the marketing team over at Rockstar Games had to rush out their trailer ahead of time and not get to enjoy their planned release with their family, friends and colleagues, it can not be overstated just how much of an impact a ninety-one-second trailer has left on the internet.

Opening with an establishing shot of the newly redesigned Vice City accompanied with ‘Love is A Long Road’ by Tom Petty, we are introduced to Lucia. She is one of the title’s deuteragonists if the previous leaks are to be believed. Seemingly making parole, she’s asked “Do you know why you’re here?”.

“Bad luck I guess?”

Sweeping shots of the new world we are set to explore are shown to us. If GTA IV was based on New York and GTA V was influenced by Los Angeles, Grand Theft Auto VI is based on Florida. Leaning more into current trends mixed with their own style of humour and storytelling. The population of Grand Theft Auto VI seems to be influenced by influencers. Live Streams, body cams, street racing, mud sports, nightlife, bayous and the ‘Florida man’. A modern-day love story involving armed robbery, high-speed chases and wild alligators.

The bar was set high with GTA V. It was raised even further when they returned to the West in 2018 with Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet, Rockstar Games have gone above and beyond again. They have shown they can still create a beautiful, vibrant and wild world full of lively characters. Using only 90 seconds and a single tweet, Rockstar Games is back on top. Plus they have the attention of everyone on the internet.

Publisher Take Two games has confirmed that the game is to release in 2025. It will be available on Playstation 5 and Xbox series X.

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