The time has finally arrived folks. Hideo Kojima and his company Kojima Productions have released another trailer for Death Stranding. The trailer continues the disturbing narrative that has been building since the announcement of Death Stranding back at E3 2016.

The trailer (see below) is best described as a basket of cats that have been given superpowers. Some of the other writers at GamEir have thrown around words like LSD, shrooms and a can of Monster or Red Bull depending on your preference.

Check it out below and make up your own mind on what is possibly going on.

There are many questions when one comes away from the Death Stranding trailer:

  • What was that?
  • Did this trailer actually spoil anything?
  • Who is Guillermo Dell Toro playing?
  • Will longtime collaborator David Hayter make an appearance?
  • Who exactly is Troy Baker playing?
  • Most important of all – How can an 8:53-minute trailer tell you absolutely nothing!?

I’m serious, I came away from this trailer with more questions than answers. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. That is classic Kojima after all. The gameplay does look interesting, somewhat like Horizon Zero Dawn with a surreal score behind it.

Death Stranding is definitely a high concept game with a lofty legacy behind it so only time will tell what it will be like. With the release date revealed as November 8th of this year, we may get even more answers at E3.

What is another strange element is the cast – Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, Emily O’Brien to name but a few. If this was any other studio I’d say it was stunt casting but with Hideo Kojima it could be a part of another piece of this fascinating puzzle.

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