Picture the scene. I’ve just left the barbers, I am making my way home and I take my phone out of my pocket to pick some music to listen to for the walk. As I unlock my phone, Reddit opens, my feed refreshes and a post about a new trailer sits at the top of my screen on r/PS5. One minute and forty-two seconds of trailer watching later, I send the link to Graham and tell him he will have an article about this game in his inbox within the hour. This very article you’re reading right now.

The Last Faith release date trailer has gripped me from the get-go. An “unholy alliance of Metroidvania and soulslike,” according to their game page on PSN. Personally, I see this as a blend of Bloodborne x Blasphemous from the design alone and that alone was enough to pull me in. After the trailer, I am more than interested in discovering and learning about this gothic world and the story the team at Kumi Souls Games has crafted for this title.

The Last Faith trailer shows potential players what’s in store for them on release

Heavy-hitting attack combos that cut through enemies standing in your way. A multitude of massive elemental spells including flame-covered tornadoes, strikes of lightning coming from above and full-screen beams of fire charring all in its path. Mutilating fallen enemies in what seems to be an execution mechanic to finish off foes. Massive bosses take up a third of the screen and fill you with dread as you wonder “Can I beat this thing?”

A standout for me was the number of traversal skills at your disposal, it has all the tools for an enjoyable Metroidvania (airdashes, double jumps, midair attacks and a good walk/run speed.) These games are built on traversal through large interconnected spaces, backtracking and revisiting areas that you start to become familiar with and Kumi Souls Games seem to have kept this in mind, providing a fun set of options for the player to use during travel.

The trailer is out now and the game is out November 15th on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

An extended demo is available to play right now on Steam.

These words were written with so much faith by Lewis Magee.

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