As part of its new push towards online multiplayer shooters Concord finally had its gameplay reveal at yesterday’s State of Play. A five versus-five hero shooter, Concord looks like a mix of the team-based strategy of Overwatch with the wacky sci-fi aesthetics and loveable rogue archetypes of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Developers Firewalk showed off an extensive story trailer, setting the tone of the world of the Freegunners. The Freegunners are a band of mercenaries who band together to pull off heists and form the crew of the Northstar. Each of the 16 launch characters will have their own weapons and abilities, so any team formation will be radically different in a multiplayer match. Taking inspiration from fighting and strategy games will push these clashing character types into exciting matches while weekly new cinematics will provide lore and backstory.

Post-launch new characters, maps and modes will be added, hopefully making this a flagship multiplayer title for PS5 and PC players alike. Concord will also be having a pre-launch beta this summer, so stay alert for your chance to join the Freegunners as early as possible!

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