Having played Destroy All Humans! when released back on 2005 I was pleasantly impressed and kept busy for many hours. So you can only imagine my excitement when I heard there’s a remake of it in the works. However, that made me think what was fun to play back in 2005 may not necessarily hold up today.

The maps of the original are tiny compared to the maps we are used to of open world games now. Some functionality would be quite outdated in today’s modern controls. I’m glad to say that developer Black Forest Games has taken that into consideration for the game.

While keeping the story line and voice work fairly similar they have totally reworked cut scenes, controls and a few other things too.

The Flying Saucer is Powered by Unreal Engine 4

With the remake of Destroy All Humans! being handled in Unreal Engine 4, every asset has been redone from the ground up and it’s up to scratch with current visuals in games while still keeping it’s 50’s style.

Adding new controls to Crypto and the flying saucer there is plenty of promise in a fun game for us to play when we get our hands on it. Dennis Schiefer a producer in Black Forest Games went into detail about how they had to create and design certain models in order to maintain the  original feeling people remember about the 2005 version. Putting particular care into Crypto’s look, they even did new motion capture and facial capture for cut scenes.

The Original and Then Some

What I was impressed by on the team working on Destroy All Humans! was their desire to keep to the voice work the exact same even to the point of working with some of the original voice actors. For even extra brownie points it was incredible to find out that they went back to the original recordings and found enough unused lines for an entirely new level. This level set in Area 42 will use dialogue we’ve never heard before.

Welcome to the 50’s

If you’re not familiar with the game, Destroy All Humans! follows Cryptosporidium or Crypto for short, as he is tasked with obtaining human DNA to save the Furon race from destruction. Set in 1959 you come to earth to harvest all the DNA you can will simultaneously devastating the US army and government. Along the way you fall in love with Crypto’s sense of humour, love for anal probing and relentless destruction. I look forward to getting more info on this project and getting my hands on the final build for this game.

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