SOUNDART, a surreal VR rhythm game using music libraries to generate levels, sets the stage for anyone to shine as the star of the show when developer MercuryStudio and publisher PLAYISM drop the beat on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via Steam on Thursday, the 2nd of April. Oculus Quest owners will be able to join the party using Oculus Link.

Choose from more than 30 stock tracks or import MP3, WAV, OGG, or AIFF files, then hit, sweep, and thrust to the beat. SOUNDART’s procedural generation brings the rhythms of pop, rock, and every other genre under the sun to life as beautiful kaleidoscope levels. Cut loose with graceful freeform dance moves and earn extra points for flair between intense strings of notes to strike, or set creativity flowing in free play.

“Freedom of expression is at the heart of SOUNDART, said the founder of MercuryStudio, who goes by the pseudonym Ray. There are many great VR rhythm games out there, but none of them have all the features I wanted and so I decided to take my own spin at the turntable. The result is SOUNDART, which gives you all the tools needed to become the art yourself and share that joy with others.”

Concert Mode offers an over-the-shoulder view for spectators watching on a screen in the same room as the performer or via livestream. Import any VRM-compatible 3D model and fire up LIV VR to show off skills built up in the progression from Normal difficulty through Hard, EX Hard, and the ultimate test: Nirvana. Let viewers light up the screen with comments appearing in bursts of stars to make for a sensational show.
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