Spiritual successor to XCOM gets pushed back 6 months

Julian Gollop, the creator of the original XCOM series, has recently announced the delay for his newest project, Phoenix Point. Billed as the spiritual successor to the 90s strategy faves, it was originally scheduled to drop in December 2017. The change comes as the developer, Snapshot Studios, increased their numbers, to a now total of 35 people. Released via blog post, Gollop claims the move is to further enhance the scope of the game and increase production values.

Campaign Points

The game is being developed off the back of successful fig campaign, raising upward of $750,000. Adding further to that every month, the campaign has continued as buyers can now order various versions of the game in its official website. Buyers of the luxury digital edition will also gain access to the games backer build. The backer build is available now and will be continuously updated every 2 months until release.

Phoenix Point

The game itself takes place in a near future earth. The planet has been covered by a mysterious fog and ravaged by the monstrosities that followed with it. There are two layers to game-play, the tactical layer, and the strategy layer. On the tactical layer, players will control a small team of soldiers on a 3d battle-map. The action is turn-based, and the squad will be made up of a mix of soldier types, heavy, assault, sniper etc. There will be one or more objectives for each mission, and perma-death floats above your favorite squaddie like a grim reaper. The bigger layer, ie. the strategy, is comprised of a base management and RPG like dealings with your full complement of available soldiers. The player can interact with the worlds NPC factions, as well as train soldiers, and conduct scientific research.

Phoenix Point is getting a lot of coverage. It featured at the PC Gamer weekend in London, has live Q and As with Snapshot CEO Gollop, and a Discord chat-group for backers. The future seems bright for Phoenix Point, let us hope this delay will be the last, and strategy gamers will get a product that lives up to Gollops promises.


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