Continuing its yearly tradition of dropping big surprises for Dead by Daylight during its special anniversary broadcast, Behaviour Interactive celebrated six years and 50 million players for the hit action horror game with a bang.

The publisher first unveiled the details of its next original Chapter, Roots of Dread, coming out on June 7th. Fans also learned about Dead by Daylight’s first visual novel, Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, as well as a highly anticipated anime-inspired Collection: Attack on Titan. The event culminated with a big mic drop when the team revealed that a new Resident Evil Chapter: PROJECT W, is coming soon.

Dead by Daylight – what is fear?

That’s what fans will try to answer as they meet the latest Killer to step into the Fog: The Dredge. The Dredge is nothing less than a manifestation of darkness itself. A formless mass of twisted limbs writhing in the shadows. With a “monster under the bed” approach, it comes with a very special Power: the ability to teleport between Lockers to catch unsuspecting Survivors when they feel safe out of harm’s reach.

This adds a whole new layer of fear to Dead by Daylight. What can you do when the very place you feel safe is used against you?

For those who prefer to play as a Survivor, they will have their share of excitement. They get to personify the brave and bold Haddie Kaur. Born in India, Haddie moved to Quebec with her family as a child. After losing her biological parents in a tragic car accident, she was raised by a Quebec family who were close friends of her parents.

Haddie’s foray into the paranormal came early on, fuelling her with courage, determination, and a dash of morbid curiosity. Having fought monsters in the past makes her one of the few Survivors prepared to face off with Killers in the Entity’s Realm. Fans may recognize her from her appearances in the Archives. Well, now you can take the reins of her destiny as a Survivor.

Where will we play?

The Garden of Joy is the latest disturbing map players will get to experience. It is a scenic paradise set in a quaint American town hiding big secrets. The main building for this Map will be a classic family home, a ghostly symbol of domestic horror set against a cold and dreadful backdrop. ​It is likely to bring new levels of terror to all the Survivors within it.

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