What’s this? Why this is The Witcher: Monster Slayer. A new title developed and published by Spokko. Which is set long before the story of CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher series of games.

In a time where monsters freely roam the land in large numbers, the relatively new role of ‘witcher’ has become essential across the Continent. That’s right folks you are a newly inducted witcher! Yay, you’re an orphan or an unwanted child!

In The Witcher: Monster Slayer, players will see the world around them transformed into the dark-fantasy realm known from The Witcher universe. As a freshly trained witcher themselves, they will engage with location-based gameplay and advanced augmented reality features to track down and hunt bloodthirsty monsters lurking nearby.

Users can now pre-register on Google Play in order to start their journey on the Path the moment the game launches. By pre-registering, players will receive the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword. This weapon will be added to their inventory immediately when they begin their adventure. This will allow players to receive 10% more Experience Points in-game with every monster they kill. Which is a pretty nifty bonus.

If I’m being honest though. This is a bittersweet reveal. The idea of a player becoming a freshly trained witcher is great. I would have prefered it not to be a mobile game, especially an augmented reality game at that. After all how much fun would it be to forge your own witcher. Players would actually get to experience the trials.

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