Fadó: Chapter One, About The Past, Should Stay in the Past
1.8Overall Score

Fadó is a turn based in RPG about Irish and celtic mythology. A game developed and published by a single person, Fionn Keeley. Due to release in multiple chapters the game currently let’s you begin your campaign as one of four heroes. Cú Chulainn, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Saint Brigid and Saint Patrick, with possibly more being added in chapter two.

If History Class Was A Game

I know what you’re thinking, Assassin’s Creed did this well. They create a game based on historic events and made it fun to play. While that is true Fadó is a different kettle of fish in itself. While playing it, I just couldn’t fathom who this game was meant for? The game uses a watercolour hand drawn artstyle with a mix of South Park animations. With a visual novel narration the story didn’t come to life for me.

Fadó attempted to make the game more interesting by adding in turn based battles so that you feel like you’re interacting with the story. While a valiant attempt the game delivers little in actual enjoyable gameplay. It’s the type of game your 3rd class primary school teacher would let you play during a Friday when she wasn’t bothered teaching you and wants to step out for a smoke. The problem with that it is it’s not that enjoyable of a game. Kids today would probably just boot up Fortnite on their phones instead.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Fadó is developed entirely by a single person so I will give kudos for that. To release a game on your own is a serious endeavour. Through my playthrough of the first chapter I experienced very few bugs to my surprise. Fadó is a polished game with no major issue encountered. One thing that did really bug me was that there was no quit in the game. I had to do a hard quit every time. It almost seemed like a ploy by the developer to keep you trapped in this world of celtic mythology. Also something I couldn’t figure out was why the aspect ratio was set to 1:1. There was no way of changing that in the settings. 

To Sum Up

If you’re into celtic mythology then Fadó is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to play as St. Patrick then have at this game. However be prepared to endure some grueling button mashing of running through conversations with characters and then experience a battle every now and then. In my opinion Fadó could do with some actual gameplay before it gets classed as a game worth playing.  

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