Let’s Talk About JWE2’s Dominion Malta Expansion
A fantastic addition to an ever-growing universe
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right friends, I have been let out of my cage to talk about dinosaurs again. Oh, and I guess I should also say Happy New Year. Before we dive in to talk about the Dominion Malta expansion, I want to say a huge thank you to both Frontier, and to the boss-man of GamEir, Graham. Dinosaurs make me extremely happy. I truly cannot thank everyone enough for giving me so many opportunities throughout 2022 to talk about them. Now, on to the main event!

Malta Adventure

Dominion Malta has once again shown us how wonderful an understanding of the Jurassic Park/World universe that Frontier has. This is something that continuously impresses me, as a huge franchise fan. In this expansion, there is another new campaign. This campaign is set before the events of Jurassic World Dominion, and sees players setting up three new parks.

San Albertus Peninsula, San Marie Bay and Santaegidus Island are our new, beautiful locations. There’s even a natural lagoon in San Marie Bay! Alongside the new locations, there are new building designs, decor, and biomes. But that’s not all, friends. We have FOUR new dinosaurs (plus skins)! We’ll come back to those, though. There’s even a cargo ship for transporting dinosaurs!

The new campaign introduces players to something VERY cool. The dinosaur exchange. This exchange allows you to trade dinosaurs, eggs and genomes. Of course, this does come with a catch. You must now build up trust with both the underground trade system, and the authorities. Not all purchases have an impact on everything, however. Some will just boost your trust individually, but some may boost trust on one side but take some from the other. There’s a bunch of stuff to be done in this campaign, across the three islands. It’s well worth playing through.

Dominion Dinosaurs

Dominion Malta has blessed us with more beautiful animals featured in the Dominion movie. This time around, we have gained Atrociraptor, Lystrosaurus, Oviraptor, and Moros Intrepidus. There are also new variants for Dimorphodon, Iguanodon, and Allosaurus, with Carnotaurus getting a whole new skin.

So, that’s two new carnivores, a herbivore and an omnivore. However, there’s something even cooler about the new dinosaurs. The Atrociraptor comes with some very special skins. To be specific, it comes with Ghost, Tiger, Red and Panthera. Also known as the beautiful, angry babies our heroes go up against while in Malta in the Dominion movie. Honestly, this brings me a ridiculous amount of happiness.

A Continuing Dominion?

I have such a deep level of respect for Frontier. They are constantly working so hard on bug fixes, quality of life upgrades, improvements in dinosaur interactions, and so much more. And yet they always manage to remain respectful of the iconic franchise that started it all. Frontier also have a very unique opportunity, one that they have fully taken advantage of in Jurassic World Evolution 2. They can expand on the lore of the universe. Dominion Malta shows how well the team can do with this ability. The story of the campaign makes sense for both the game, and for the greater universe. This is another DLC well and truly knocked out of the park.

In a sense, it’s almost hard to see where the game could go next. Personally, I’d love to see some more Camp Cretaceous, possibly in the form of a chaos theory, or even a campaign. I think there’s a whole untapped well of potential there. Either way, keep the dinos coming!

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