Encodya, the first game on Chaosmonger Studios, was shown to me in a 1 to 1 chat with the main man himself Nicola Piovesan. A very charming gentleman, with a background in film, is trying his luck with the re-emerging point & click genre.

Broken Monkey Runner

Encodya draws from many influences. Of course the kings of the genre Monkey Island and Broken Sword. Stylistically, Nicola told me, the game goes more for a used and lived in look. Similar to Star Wars or Bladerunner. The demo, which can download for free on their Ich.io page, I was shown by Nicola, really brought all of these influences across. The rain, the filthy looking city, robots and the various sci-fi movie cars really set the atmosphere.

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I and my robot

In the game you will play two characters, Tina and her guardian robot SAM-53. They will explore the town of New Berlin in the year 2062, while trying to uncover the secrets of her father. This team mechanic, on the one hand, will provide for banter between the two characters. On the other hand puzzles will require you to use one or the other or both. SAM-53, for example, speaks binary. He is a robot after all. Tina only sees 1s and 0s when attempting the same dialogue.

Pixel perfect

I am a huge fan of point & click adventures, so as soon as Nicola started showing me his game I was intrigued. Once he then showed me the characters, world and all the little details, in almost every screen, I was hooked.

If you like their demo, why not head over to their kickstarter page and see if you want to fund this charming project. In the end it is up to you of course. I, for one, cannot wait to play the full game in the, hopefully not too distant, future.

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