Chasing Static

Let’s Talk About Chasing Static

Spooky season may have ended, but we still have a horror game to talk about! Today we're talking about Headware Games' Chasing Static, an indie horror short story. It did take me a little while to get around to...

FIFA 22 – It’s more than a game

Straight off before I get slaughtered for calling football, soccer it is not because I am some Americanised bloke. I have been living the last six years in Kerry which is deep south Ireland and a stronghold of ...
The Reparing Mantis

Let’s Talk About The Repairing Mantis

Let's get the spooky season off to a running start! It's horror season, and we're diving headfirst into some more indie spooks! On the chopping block today? The Repairing Mantis. Before we dive in, I'd like to ...