Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars, World of Wonder

I've been playing RPGs since I was 7. My first RPG was Final Fantasy VII and from there I fell in love with the genre. Now, almost 3 decades later, I find myself with a treasure trove of new AAA titles and ind...

Affogato – Brewing up at the Witchery

Affogato has been the strangest strategy role-playing game I have ever played. I mean that in as positive a light as I can muster. I went into it expecting a run-of-the-mill strategy JRPG with some dazzling gra...

Coriolis: Arabian Nights in Space

Free League Publishing is back again with another space-themed RPG in Coriolis. Instead of a Western or cyberpunk setting. Coriolis gives you a middle eastern vibe and one that is fresh totally left field for ...
Blasphemous II Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous II – A Sequel without Sin

The Game Kitchen has cooked up a sequel to their 2019 title, Blasphemous. Simply titled Blasphemous II, we pick up after the events of the DLC of the previous game. The plot that drives us through the world th...