Just Dance 2021

Lets Talk About Just Dance 2021

I am a glutton for punishment, friends. So much so that this is my lockdown workout regime. Yes friends, it's time we talked about Just Dance 2021. The hit dancing game came out back in November, but for the...
Mad Father

Let’s Talk About Mad Father Remake

Mad Father is back. I still cannot believe this slid under my radar. I was eyeing up this remake for a while, and oh my, I was excited. The fact that it hit Nintendo Switch makes it all that much sweeter. Let m...

Let’s talk about Alien the RPG

So, I finally got to sit down with Alien. Fun fact, this is my first ever tabletop RPG. The whole idea of them has fascinated me ever since I got into Magic the Gathering. What can I say? I like nerd stuff. Hug...
The Falconeer

Let’s Talk About The Falconeer

I have somewhat come out of hiding! Yes, friends, it's review time again! On the chopping block today, The Falconeer. Before we get into it, I just want to say a huge well done to the developer, Tomas Sala, who...