November Nostalgia

GamEir’s November Nostalgia

I don’t know about you, friends, but my brain has been ticking. A billion ideas and questions have been popping into my head. Unfortunately, I feel the need to inflict them onto the rest of GamEir. My current ...
The Fridge is Red

Let’s Talk About The Fridge is Red

Happy Halloween, friends! It’s my favourite day of the year, and the only day you can reasonably shout at annoying kids! Make the most of it, I definitely will be. But more importantly, it’s game time! I’ve be...
Broken Pieces

Let’s Talk About Broken Pieces

It’s been a very long time since I played a game that I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities of. Honestly, it’s an awful feeling. Especially as a reviewer. I try my very best to give every game a fair chance....

Let’s Talk About Thymesia

I need to preface this review by saying I truly suck at Soulslike games. Often, I have admired other people’s skills in the genre, but I’ve never had them. But friends, when I saw Thymesia, I had to have i...
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Let’s Talk About Disney Dreamlight Valley

There is something truly wonderful about cosy games. They’re perfect for all kinds of days, good or bad. It’s a class that’s undeniably on the rise, between farming games, life sims, and more. Today’s game is q...
The hungry fly

Erupting Avocado announce The Hungry Fly

Spooky season is upon is, which means it’s time I crawled out from my cave! Some of you might remember a game I covered a while back called The Repairing Mantis. It’s a gloriously twisted indie horror game that...