Spiritual successor to PS1 great, Rollcage, and all round fun arcade combat racer, GRIP: Combat Racing has been injected with some serious update serum. There have been two major updates in the past two months. The first, Team modes, tracks, and skins, went live April 16th. While the most recent, Anti Grav, went out Thursday, May 9th.

Keep on GRIPping

I was delighted with GRIP: Combat Racing when I reviewed it in November. I enjoyed it as an homage to racers past, a hardcore, high speed, twitch-fest. It punished minute mistakes, and rewarded only perfection. Fantastic. Since then however, the initial shine has faded, and my modern Rollcage began to gather dust on the shelf. This new free DLC will only serve to drag me back in again. As I’m sure it will for any other owners of the game. It should also earn Caged Element a few new fans. After all, the value for money of GRIP just went up, so that €39.99 price tag on console will now be even more inviting.

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With the Team modes, tracks, and skins update, we got the following bonus content:

  • 4 new tracks
  • Team modes for racing and the arena
  • An increase in player level cap from 30 to 40
  • Over 25 new car skins and 4 sets of tires to unlock
  • Colour customizable Pariah cars
  • Tons of bug fixes and track improvements

Meanwhile the most recent DLC package, Anti Grav, grants us the following:

  • Two brand new race tracks added, Atlas Station and Impact, set off-planet
  • Two bangin’ new music tracks: Full Kontakt – Tornado, Xtigma – Overdrive
  • Five new community-made car skins added to the Nyvoss Mirage vehicle (winners of the competition)
  • Improved race flow, vehicle collision and AI behaviour on various race tracks, including; FIC Outpost, Lit, Transport, Rust, Yuri Industrial, Mindbender, Naptha Valley, Serpent’s Run, Haze, Spin Cycle and Sprawl
  • Improved vehicle camera control
  • HDR display support
  • Many small improvements and fixes to both game and UI
  • Plus the new vehicle class: Airblades

One GRIP forward, two GRIPs back

Ultimately the most impressive new feature will be the “Airblade” vehicle class. These hover craft merge the rugged design of GRIP’s original cars, with the finesse of Wipeouts ships. You can see from the screens above, that they will no doubt add a massive dynamic change to game-play. And so I delve back in to the high octane world of GRIP: Combat Racing. My only hope is that my skills have not diminished too much. That the muscle memory of my digits still retains some of that ultra fast, jittery, almost involuntary, twitchiness. I’ll probably hit Tesco beforehand, and pick up a dozen or so cans of Monster. Just in case…

Stay tuned to GamEir and I’ll furnish you with a full breakdown of this new DLC after a few hours of solid playtime. You can also, if you so please, converse with us on Twitter (@gam_eir), Facebook (@GamEir), and Instagram (@GamEir). Check out our videos on Twitch (GamEir) and YouTube (GamEir) and we’ll give you all the latest content!

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