A sad puzzle-adventure game

Altero, developed by Electronic Motion Games, will release for PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One in the coming months. The game is quickly nearing completion, and the small dev team is hard at work putting in the finishing touches. Electronic Motion Games are a two-person team, comprised of developer Sergio Schiavo, and producer Thiago Amaro.

GamEir were on hand at the recent 8-bit Conference in Griffith College where we spoke with the game’s producer Thiago. He was there with a live demo of the game, and public reaction was very positive. Having witnessed Altero live I can say it is a beautiful looking game. The art style will immediately draw comparisons to indie standouts Limbo or Inside. The player characters cute look belies the games sad undertones. A melancholy sack-boy like character, the protagonist must be sacrificed repeatedly in order to pass through the games violent puzzles.  Played as a mind-bending puzzle platformer, I got the impression there will be a depth to the narrative not apparent from the minute’s long demo.

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The Scoop!

There are a couple of reasons Altero stands out to GamEir from the usual indie puzzle crowd. 1 – Altero is developed right here in Ireland. 2 – As Thiago informed us exclusively, Altero has been invited to feature at Tokyo Game Show in September! This is a massive piece of news for Electronic Motion Games and bodes extremely well for Altero. After the initial excitement set in, the team then realized the scale of the task at hand:

“We are such a small team! And we all have normal jobs, so then we had to figure out how we are going to get over there! – Thiago”

It’s always great to meet a local dev team with a clear passion for games. However, it’s even better when that team gets to debut their game at an event such as Tokyo Game Show.

The team have recently switched to developing games for console and PC after initially being a mobile developer. You can find further information on the team and their debut feature Altero in the links below:


Electronic Motion Games Facebook

Steam Store


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