Independent developer Poetic Studio has announced that its turn-based, psychological RPG Sacred Fire, featuring the vocal talents of Doug Cockle (Geralt from The Witcher 3), has entered Steam Greenlight.

Sacred Fire is a game about survival, power and hope, where players lead a band of resistance fighters in ancient Caledonia, taking on the invading forces of the Roman Empire. Sacred Fire is not just about the outer, physical struggle for survival, but also about gaining political influence and the pursuit of inner balance.

Poetic Studio’s ambitious debut, which deliberately avoided a fantasy setting, has already garnered industry interest through its first gameplay teaser, ‘Something More’, which featured voice actor Doug Cockle.

Sacred Fire requires tactical thinking in a story full of risk-based choices and combat. Using Poetic Studio’s bespoke Emotions & Motivations storytelling platform, players can resolve conflicts by using a combination of smarts, skill, looks or empathy. To do so, they must build inner balance by coping with fear and anger. Only a stable and strong personality can win respect with bravery in combat and see through the traps set by cunning opponents.

Poetic Studio is preparing a Kickstarter campaign for March of this year. Currently, it is collecting votes on Steam Greenlight. You can support the team at

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