Ryan Reynolds is back baby! Even though he hasn’t be gone longer than a minute, but this time he’s Guy, a young(ish) bank teller who loves his life until one day he realises, he wants more. So during the daily bank-robbing he faces he takes the bull by the horns and stops the robber and in doing so he breaks his world. It is at this point that he breaks free from his shackles and becomes Free Guy.

This is when Guy realises he’s in a videogame and he’s an NPC and he now has the power of a player and apparently that isn’t good.

So Free Guy is Fortnite meets GTA?

Free Guy is a fascinating film, that is the best word I got, it’s an idea that once you watch the trailer you’ll be thinking the following things:

  1. How is this not an anime?
  2. I’m surprised this film hasn’t come into existence before now.

Yes, we’ve had the infamous Gamer years ago which starred Logan Lerman and Gerard Butler but this really feels like an anime to me. I can’t be the only thinking this right?

I will say though it’s a charming looking film. It’s funny, quirky everything Ryan Reynolds personifies. There is one major issue I have with the team behind Free Guy though, the last time audiences got Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi and Greg Berlanti in the same film we got Green Lantern…

Regardless Free Guy looks like something that could be a lot of fun and from this first trailer, the future is bright for Guy.

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