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During Star Wars Celebration 2019 EA and Respawn have released the first details about the hugely anticipated game: Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order. In the following, I will outline what we have learned and speculate about what we see in the trailer and what that could mean for the game. Now let’s engage the hyperdrive and journey into this new part of the galaxy far, far away that we all know and love.

Making a statement

Firstly, Respawn has released a statement saying that the game will be a full single player game, with no chance of multiplayer or micro-transactions. They also stated that the combat will be a mix of striking, parrying and blocking combined with force abilities. This, of course, brings to mind that the developers may have taken the odd page out of From Softwares’ book. This makes me really excited. I have enjoyed the Soulsbourne style of games a lot over the last decade. So this gets my hype level going in the right direction.

Next, I will take a good hard look at the reveal trailer of Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order. What hints at potential story or gameplay has Respawn hidden in it?

Trailer Analysis and hopes and dreams

First, we see our protagonist hidden by a hood walking in a group of people. Might that hint at the early Assassins Creed hood-mechanic, which let you hide in specific groups from eager enemy eyes?

Don’t stand out

Next, we see a group of people arguing behind him and he tries to look away. IS that a type of situation where we can interact or intervene or have they just spotted us and will report us to the empire? “Don’t stand out”

The attire and train journey seem to have lead our protagonist to a shipyard where his task is to dismantle the remains of the republic. SYMBOLISM “Accept the past”.

The next scene is a short bar scene. Our protagonist is chatting to an alien, maybe co-worker? A rainy window. He dares to glance, sees a Stormtrooper and the Stormtrooper sees him. “Trust no-one”.

Save the environment join the empire

The shot Star Wars fans have been waiting for. Whatever happened to the Republic ships? Well, they have been chopped up by a massive laser and transported away to be recycled and used for the imperial Starships. The empire is so environmentally conscious. 😉

No deadly accidents since 1148 days. Oh, wait a co-worker is falling. Will we save him using the force or let him die to keep our identity hidden? “Don’t reach within.”

What the Sith?

More walking through crowds trying not to stand out. A character called “The second sister” discovers our protagonist and he starts running. Wonder who the first sister is and if there is a third one.

Next is a scene that could be featuring gameplay. The graphics here seem to dip a lot compared to the rest of the trailer. Stormtroopers are firing on our hero, he jumps off a ledge, wall-runs ad force pulls a structure to get away.

Kindle the flame at the bonfire

Oh look we have a quirky droid companion, that kind of looks like a chicken and Wall-E had a child. Our protagonist finds a dead body with Paladines’ order 66 message on and we cut to sitting at a campfire. Will we upgrade our skills at bonfires and maybe fast travel from there?

The next scene again could be in-game, because again it seems to dip in visual quality. We see our hero fight the Purge troopers. This new branch of the military was trained and sent out to help Darth Vader wipe out the rest of the Jedi order. Will they be our only boss enemies? There cannot be any other Sith, because Paladine strongly believes in the rule of two.

Master or whom?

Following this, we see our first glimpse at another Jedi, although “Trust no-one” makes me think that while she may not be a Sith, she may betray us somehow to let the past die.

An escape scene and the second sister hanging off of the windshield. Her hands start glowing red. Is that the force or some technology to break through the transpari-steel.

Following we see our character standing in a room that looks like some kind of Jedi area holding a lightsaber. Is this his first saber or did he go there to build a new one? Will there be customisation options for it?

Save the Date

We end with the release date announcement. 15th of November 2019. That’s me set for until December.

Punch it!

The three rules “Don’t stand out”, “Accept the past”, “Trust no-one” are only broken by “Trust only in the force” and seem to be the attempt to set the tone of this story. Loner Padawan, who has to hide who he really is. Overall from what I have seen in the trailer and read recently, it seems that Respawn is trying to combine Dark Souls, God of War (2018) and Uncharted into a Star Wars game. I for one am pumped to learn more at E3 and Gamescom and remember: “The force will be with you, always”.

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