December 20th! If rumours are to be believed, that’s the date The Witcher Netflix series will release. While it doesn’t come from the most reliable source, these days its rarer for a rumour to be false than otherwise. The initial “leaked” release date came to us via entertainment blog Recapped(NSFW). This, frankly, quite dodgy site, has however been on the ball with Witcher Netflix news in the past.

In addition to this news, we can also confirm that principal filming is complete on Season One of the show. Several main players have all tweeted their completion of acting duties, with the show now moving to post-production. With filming complete in Hungary, Poland, and Spain, Adam Levy, who plays Mousesack, was one of the first to hit social media. Elsewhere, Istredd himself, Royce Pierreson posted this shot a week after Levy’s post.

Yet again with the rumour mill…

Nothing official of course, but at least we know that production is where we might expect for a winter release. Our old friend, and Witcher Netflix frontrunner, Lauren Hissrich has been tweeting away all the while. But aside from these two moody shots, all we’ve gotten are set selfies. Similarly, the world’s most handsome jacked dude, or world’s most jacked handsome dude, Henry Cavill has had little to offer but this:

Some fine make-up work, and a clear indication that Geralt won’t be having things all his own way. Given the schedule, it’s nearly assured we’ll get a proper trailer during the summer, possibly at one of the big conventions. We will all be waiting, and watching, to see if this Witcher Netflix series can possibly live up to the hype!

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