After over 1,700,000 pre-registrations leading up to the global release, Bandai Manco Entertainment has announced the global launch of Tekken Mobile. The first mobile fighting game based on the iconic game franchise is now available worldwide and offers players many exclusive launch rewards. Starting from the 1st of March, fighters will be able to redeem free weekly packs containing various in-game goodies.

The pack contents are as follows:

·         March 1st: 2 Stars RODEO, 1 Revive Lvl 4, 1 Health Lvl 4, 1 Team Health Lvl 4, 1 XP booster

·         March 8th: Random 2 Stars character, 1 Revive Lvl 3, 1 Health Lvl 3, 1 Team Health Lvl 3, 1 XP booster

·         March 15th: Random 1 Star character, 1 Revive Lvl 2, 1 Health Lvl 2, 1 Team Health Lvl 2, 1 XP booster

·         March 22nd: 10,000 coins, 100 gems

Accompanying the launch month will be special events like boss battles and events that require a certain character level or character element. Players will also be able to play as Rodeo, the all-new character exclusive to Tekken Mobile. A unique story act will shine a light on the background story of this intriguing character and offer the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards for the new fighter. This is all pretty cool and I’ll be interested in seeing what the all-new character Rodeo will be like to try out. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be trying out Tekken Mobile in the first couple of weeks.

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