Base One is a space station simulator with survival and RPG mechanics. Brought to us from the publisher Blowfish Studios and the developer PixFroze. Available on all platforms sometime in Q2 2021. Are you ready to take on the responsibility of an entire colony’s well being? Check out the trailer below.

Build A Station & A Legacy

Base One tasks you to explore the galaxy, find suitable places to build a space station and create a colony. Manage all the vital resources such as oxygen, water and power. And once you’ve got the basics you can start working on the resources that makes your colony prosper. Set up solar panels for power, life support for your colony and expand to your heart’s content. Make sure to keep your colony happy, morale can be both a blessing and a curse. 

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The campaign in Base One gives you a range of trials and challenges to work through. Balance the needs of each station and colony. Research new technology that will ensure the long term success and presence of your space station.

Using Base One’s intuitive layout systems allows for a large amount of customisation of your space station. Be careful with your available resources as each module you construct requires power and special considerations to support life. Link each module to batteries, solar cells and heater to keep your citizens happy. 

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