Unawake is releasing worldwide in late 2023. This new title by RealityArts Studio, which has already received several international awards and has twice won the Epic Megagrant, focuses on brute action in a dystopian apocalypse. Audiovisually driven by RealityArts co-founder and renowned design icon Ismael (Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu), Unawake is characterized by a unique art direction and visual style that pushes the boundaries of Ismael’s creative imagination even further after switching to Unreal Engine 5.

The easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master combat system, as well as the dynamic soundtrack, further immerse you in the opulent game world of Unawake as you try to survive in an end-time caused by angels and demons.

Unawake Features:

– Breathtakingly surreal levels with details only Unreal Engine 5 can deliver

– An epic story blending science fiction, fantasy and history

– Fast and tactical first-person melee combat

– Story-based game progression

– Experience-based character and skill progression

– More than 20 skills to customize your way of play

– Vanquish your enemies with a multitude of weapons

– Customize your weapons to gain the advantage in relentless battles

The first teaser trailer gives an impressive preview of the level, world and fight design. Face a fierce and epic battle against impossible odds, where you decide the fate of humanity and determine a future marked by merciless wars between creatures from heaven and hell. Deliver punishment or absolution to your opponents. You are the last bastion. Can you survive? Honestly, I don’t know if I could. This looks like a grim and dirty DOOM. It may be taking itself too seriously but I’m optimistic right now.

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