Roleplaying action-adventure, Arto, paints a new path with the reveal of its first-ever gameplay trailer. Inspired by Okami and Hyper Light Drifter, this challenging third-person action experience is set in a warped world devoid of colour. That’s right you have been tasked with bringing colour back to the world.

In addition to travelling across these worlds, players can wield an impressive arsenal of weapons each with upgrade paths to travel. Furthermore, players will battle challenging enemies and banish brutal bosses in intense hack n’ slash encounters as they take on vividly coloured beasts or battle adversaries drenched in shadow.

From pixel to pop-art and everything in between, each of Arto’s six worlds has its own unique themes. Its own playstyles, its uniquely visual perspectives as well as challenges and bosses. Furthermore, as you adventure, each of these locations becomes a kaleidoscope of colour. Your success will have a distinct visual impact too.

Arto – A splash of colour

Arto is drenched in a branching narrative and a variety of endings coupled with multiple weapons and character upgrades. In addition to a cast of vibrant characters each with their own distinct personalities. This game invites players to uncover the mysteries of the Chromaclysm. This was an event that shattered the world and leached all colour from it too.

The narrative as stated before is clearly inspired by Okami which was a videogame darling. Hopefully, Arto will live up to the lofty legacy of the title it draws inspiration. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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