Sine Wave Entertainment has announced the launch of Breakroom, the 3D social hub for remote teams who want an online, immersive space to meet, team build, organise events, and host meetings. It combines video conferencing, meeting rooms, casual games, live events, and multi-player hangouts. Now available for PC, Mac, Android & VR (iOS coming).

With more and more teams working from home, major organizations are turning to online services that can replace brick and mortar office functionality. But standard conferencing and collaboration tools are not built to meet the social and wellness needs.

Breakroom provides the video conferencing and media sharing tools you would expect from any collaboration platform, and combines it with colourful, welcoming online world filled with team-building exercises, brainstorming sessions, casual games, competitions, live events, office parties, breaktime meetups and everyday staff chitchat.

Business owners, executives, and HR directors can go here for more details and request a free demo.

Breakroom offers multi-user 3D environments that create a sense of shared experience and togetherness. Virtual worlds also increase memory retention (because humans think and imagine in three dimensions). A social virtual world also provides fun, safe ways to enhance team spirit and to sustain institutional culture and help build positive momentum.

Built completely on Sinespace, a Verified Solutions Provider for Unity, the world’s largest 3D graphics platform, Breakroom reflects 14 years of experience developing virtual worlds for numerous enterprise clients including IBM, the US Department of Defense, NATO and numerous academic institutions and private companies.

“We are happy to be able to offer Breakroom at this time. Organizations with remote workers need an online social space where they can work, chat and catch up on the water cooler gossip,” said Sine Wave co-founder and CPO Adam Frisby.”

Breakroom is an off the shelf end to end solution, of virtual world technology, content and services:

  • Branded “Town Square” hangout
  • Presentation amphitheater
  • Private and public meeting rooms
  • Full suite of communication tools (VOIP, IM and in-world email)
  • Video conferencing
  • Media and desktop sharing
  • Regular live social events including music, cinema, pub quizzes, seminar sessions
  • Numerous casual game regions and game tables
  • Intuitive in-world building and scene editing
  • Mature APIs for integrating other enterprise applications
  • HIPAA compliant regions for one to one therapy sessions

To create 3D experiences with low lag and accessibility on tablets and non-gaming laptops, Breakroom uses assets from Synty Studios, a production house founded by veterans of WETA Digital which specializes in beautiful but low poly models.

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