TxK Gaming Studios could change the Tabletop RPG experience with the announcement of its upcoming game Dungeon Full Dive. With Dungeon Full Dive, you can create your own maps and heroes and take part in epic campaigns, all while immersing yourself in the game with the help of your PC and VR headset.

The game is set to release on Steam later this year with cross-play capabilities, so you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with anyone, anywhere! Get ready to unleash the power of Dungeon Full Dive and explore a whole new world like never before.

Game Features for Dungeon Full Dive:

  • Build Your Own Maps: Whether it’s in the icy peaks of the mountains or a monster-filled forest, you can create or modify battle maps. You do this by using the in-game map editor.
  • Create Your Own Hero: Build an army of miniatures using the game’s powerful character editor.
  • Play with Friends: Each campaign can support up to eight players. It also promises to support crossplay between VR and PC players. This means you can chat with your party and roll the dice. 
  • Explore the World: Choose how to view your world, through a classic top-down tabletop experience. Or you can see the world from the eyes of your miniature. 

The game will support crossplay between PC and VR players. TTRPG fans looking to get an early look at Dungeon Full Dive can sign up to take part in the alpha test later this year by signing up using this link. To learn more about Dungeon Full Dive and follow its development, players can wishlist the game on Steam and join the community Discord for up-to-date information about upcoming events.

Players can take TTRPG campaigns to a whole new level with Dungeon Full Dive. With mechanics and stat integration for 5e, players can create and modify their character sheets right in the game. It doesn’t stop there, as players will also be able to bring their character to life through the miniature builder. Once a player is done creating their character, they can place them on the map and see the world from their perspective instead of the bird’s eye top-down view.

Dungeon Full Dive comes with a powerful map builder that allows you to guide your party to any location. During your adventure, you can also engage with the world in various ways. For instance, you can make music using instruments at the marketplace, drink at a tavern, or venture into the eerie depths of dark forests. ​ ​ ​ ​

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