Just because we can’t attend the big gaming events around the world doesn’t mean that we can’t learn about some of the more interesting games out there. Cartel Tycoon, the story-driven drug empire business simulator, is at one such event, PAX Online! If you’re interested, and you are a fan of the genre, check out a hands-on demo available now on Steam.

Step back into the 80s as a drug kingpin on the rise. Climb to ever-higher profits and grow your territory by setting up farms and workshops, laundering dirty money, bribing the authorities, and winning over public opinion. Fend off law enforcement and rival gangs. Unleash lieutenants with strategic bonuses to boost manufacturing and dominate rivals.

Build a better cartel in Cartel Tycoon

I have to say, watching the trailer I was impressed by the cinematic style of storytelling. Watching this anti-hero tycoon, speak about all his deeds is engaging. Then the unthinkable happens, the player character is killed.

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Then someone rises up through the ranks and you’ve got to keep the cartel going. Cartel Tycoon looks like a lot of fun, has an engaging and seems to have an addictive style of gameplay (no pun intended).

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