God of Riffs is a rhythmic heavy metal VR game from the developer Boss Music Games. Published by Vyersoft it is due to hit Steam Early Access on July 27th. Supporting Oculus Rift, Rift S, and Quest. Get your VR headgear on and get ready to battle against the undead in slasher action. 

God of Riffs tasks you to wield a range of musical battle axes as you face off against waves of enemies. Hordes of undead skeletons to your rhythmic swings of fury. The melee combat is fueled by screaming guitar solos and thunderous double bass pedals. The harder you play the more points you’ll earn. So, strike swift and true to soar to the top of the leaderboards.

God of Riffs will debut four over-the-top tunes when it launches on Early Access. Using inspiration from iconic metal album covers. Use the beat to bash skulls while you’re cheered on by a mountain of skeletal rockers. Battle legions of enemies as awe-inspiring sea gods emerge in the distance.

With two difficulty settings and accessibility modes, God of Riffs appeals to all audiences. Having single-handed play, colour-blind mode, and a growing list of modifiers help make rocking out an accessible experience. Boss Music Games plans to release more songs, modes and accessibility options before the full launch.

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