Miasma Caves, the pacifist roguelike from Windy Games, has released a goldmine of new treasures, buildable structures, and treacherous areas, as well as full controller support.

Spelunkers can now dig into the new content and head straight to the deadly Basalt Caves. These dangerous new areas are filled with ruins of an ancient civilization where new types of treasure can be found. These lost relics will reveal what life was like before the Miasma doomed their civilization and can be traded for lots of gold.

Since launching into Early Access earlier this year, Windy Games has been working hard on creating new content for their players and frequently improving Miasma Caves. In addition to the dangerous new Basalt Caves, Windy Games has added an upgradable fountain that provides precious loot and a buildable Shrine that grants the ability to save a single item after a failed journey. Windy Games has also overhauled the procedural generation, making each generated cave more diverse and filled with even more loot.

See the new content for yourself and explore the hazardous Miasma Caves. Collect rare lore-filled loot and head back to town to sell treasure, buy new equipment, connect with the other villagers, and upgrade your town. However, be wary of the poisonous miasma and hazards lurking around every corner. Taking too much damage will result in fainting, sending you back to the start of the cave, leaving behind all your hard-earned valuables.

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Miasma Caves Key Features:

  • Spelunk through procedurally generated and destructible caves on fruitful treasure hunts
  • Explore the new Basalt Caves to unlock new items and learn about the fall of an ancient civilization
  • Improve your adventures with the new Loot Fountain and Shrine
  • Collect and complete a catalog of more than 150 diverse treasures

“Early Access has given us the ability to work with our community to improve Miasma Caves every single day,” says Adam Michaan, founder of Windy Games. “This massive update provides our community with exciting loot-filled adventures and is one step closer to our full launch.”

Windy Games will continue to update Miasma Caves with new cave regions, quests, and more as they near their full launch.

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