Uh, I don’t think anyone could have predicted this! Absurdly No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. The ludicrously ambitious, procedurally generated galaxy explorer was released in 2016 so to see it come to a portable device a few short years later seems nothing more than a technical marvel. A whole universe to explore and now you can do it sitting on the toilet! Um, if you’re so inclined that is.

Although criticised at launch for not living up to its lofty promises, the game has since seen several major updates. It is considered a great example of a game turning itself around, a belated success story. Although several big games have come to the Switch as Cloud-based titles this seems to be a native version. The team behind the game claim to have been working on it for several years, coming up with impressive technical tricks to get it working. It seems that this release will include all content updates to date. Given it still has technical hiccups on stronger hardware it’ll be interesting to see how the Switch handles it.

Hello Games will share more information as No Man’s Sky nears its Summer release. Get your Captain Kirk cosplay ready!

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