The hardcore puzzler Omnicube is now available on, and the Windows Store! Created by Trykon Studios, the game invites players to travel to the depths of space to help the once all-knowing Omnicube restore its memory. Featuring clean, minimalist visuals, intense difficulty and a wacky sense of humor, Omnicube is bound to impress puzzle fans who are ready for their next obsession.

The gameplay appears straightforward at first: In a series of puzzles featuring color-coded portals, you must put the cube’s “memory blocks” back in the right place – which will only happen if you match blocks with the correct portal. Make no mistake: you’ll be looking at a hearty challenge if you want to bring the Omnicube’s memory back to full capacity …

Each of Omnicube’s 60 levels requires careful planning and creative problem-solving: you’ll not only have to “manage” the position of each block, but you must also avoid obstacles such as trap doors and death pits – and get your blocks into the right portals, of course! The fewer moves you use, the higher the score. Enjoy nearly endless replayability as you attempt to nail each level with a three-star score. Even the good-humored Omnicube itself – insufficient memory notwithstanding – will step in and help you with some hints and the occasional, nonsensical line of dialogue.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve been a huge fan of puzzle games – which fueled my drive to become a competitive chess player. Lately, I’ve noticed a troubling trend: Most games today have too many easy puzzles,” says Kyle Creamer, founder of Trykon Studios. “With Omnicube, I decided to go against this trend. I made sure that my game would be full of really challenging puzzles from the start. I wanted to give players that euphoric ‘Eureka!’ moment over and over again.”

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in 60 challenging logic puzzles.
  • Overcome myriad obstacles (including death pits!) and use objects like bombs to your advantage.
  • Meet the all-seeing, all-knowing Omnicube that always offers helpful (and not-so-helpful) hints along the way.
  • Replay and master individual levels for 1, 2, and 3-star scores.
  • Maneuver your cubes through crowded levels – or avoid the abyss in open-space environments!

Pricing & Availability
Omnicube is now available on the Windows Store,, and Steam (Windows and Mac) for $6.99.

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