The upcoming open-world survival horror title, VoraxVorax puts players into the shoes of a mercenary sent to a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has infected the local population. Players will have to battle against numerous threats, collect resources, build shelter and try to escape with their lives. Starting today until Sunday the 19th, players can give the game a try for themselves during Vorax’s Alpha demo available through Steamthe indiegala website and the indiegala launcher.

What is Vorax?

Taking inspiration from horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Vorax immerses the player in a first-person nightmare, trapped alone on an island filled with infected creatures. What was meant to be a simple mission turns into an all-out fight for survival. Equipped with the bare minimum, players must explore the dangerous island, gathering resources and materials to defend themselves against the ever-looming infected threat.

Creating a shelter and gearing up will be players’ first priority after their helicopter crashes. With hundreds of items to pick up and craft, Vorax encourages players to make whatever they can to survive. Craft weapons and tools, hunt and gather food, build barricades and traps to fortify your base. Each moment is vital as any creature, big or small, could be watching from the shadows.


  • Defend Your Shelter: Sometimes hiding is the only option, but if the infected find you, you’ll want to have a sturdy base to defend yourself. Gather materials, board up your entrances, craft traps and hope your hard work pays off.
  • Craft to Survive: An abandoned island means many resources for you to collect. Gather everything because you never know what could be of use. Craft weapons and tools, materials to heal yourself, barriers and traps for your base and more.

Vorax is currently in development. Players can wishlist the game on Steam right now to stay in the loop on updates. The Open Alpha of the game will be available starting today until Sunday the 19th. Players can also discuss strategies with fellow mercenaries on the official Discord server.

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