ONIA, the first episode in the Rhythm of the Universe adventure series about preserving the environment with the power of music from ROTU Entertainment, brings enchanting tonal puzzles and breathtaking landscapes to Valve Index, Oculus Quest via Link, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, HP Reverb G2 and Windows Mixed Reality in the fourth quarter of 2020. Two per cent of all IONIA proceeds benefit environmental non-profit Wildlife Warriors.

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Step into Ionia, a lush and richly detailed forest teeming with instrument-inspired flora, fauna and mysterious ruins. Traverse the landscape alongside Allegra, a vivacious young girl, as she seeks to heal the forest and its inhabitants. Solve puzzles with music-based magic as her brother Allegro to unlock the path forward. Head deeper into the Ionian forest to save the Harpa, a mythical being facing terrible danger it cannot overcome alone.

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This immersive journey, brought to life with the Unreal Engine from Epic Games and state-of-the-art mocap technology, features wholly imaginative world design. Climb trees and zipline through the forest, hear the ground-shaking call of the Brassaurus, and forage to feed gentle creatures among strange and alluring ecosystems, all while unfolding a moving narrative around the daring siblings.

Play with purpose and seek out mystical tablets by honing in on their soundwaves, pushing away sheets of hanging flora to reveal hidden areas or climbing sprawling vines and crumbling walls to reach them. Perform scales on magical instruments to conduct Allegra’s musical talents as she heals the forest through song. Each immersive action affects Ionia, granting first-hand experience about the importance of animal habitat rehabilitation.

“Addressing climate change and environmental concerns will be the biggest challenge of our collective lifetime,” says Jason Parks, ROTU CEO. “IONIA will not only showcase where entertainment is headed as a best-in-class VR experience with hyper-realistic environments and rewarding interactions, but illustrate how VR is perfectly suited as a tool for raising awareness, enacting change, and ultimately doing real good in the world.”

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