Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition is releasing on Steam and Epic on July 14th for $8.99. The game includes everything players love about the original Cursed Treasure 2, plus new content as well as updates. Bundles will also be available with Surfire’s other games Riftbreaker and Lumencraft.

What is Cursed Treasure 2?

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition is the latest entry in the series that has been a mainstay in the tower defence genre since 2010. Play as a creature of ultimate evil out to prevent precious gems from falling into the hands of the dreaded good guys.

Harness the power of mighty orcs, demons, and the undead to build fearsome towers with the ability to strike down any heroes that approach. Players can also up their defence by mastering powerful spells, upgrading undead crypts, and creating lava traps.

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition

Then comes that sweet ultimate edition

The Ultimate Edition includes 3 exciting new levels, as well as an update to the mission rating system. This lets players get a ‘brilliant’ score with only 3 gems instead of 5. Players will also be allowed to save their experience points even when they lose. Other changes include optimization upgrades, enemy rebalance, and an easier collection of mana bottles and coins.

Key Features

  • Three powerful and monstrous tower types, each with their own unique skills to unlock!
  • 27 levels of maniacal mayhem across a lush fantasy world, including 3 new Ultimate Edition levels
  • 3 gems instead of 5 and updated mission rating requirements: just keep all the gems on the level to get Brilliant!
  • Replay stages in re-balanced Night Mode with limited illumination for added challenge.

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