The shadows grow longer as if they are grasping for you and the darkness is about to turn pitch-black. Something wicked this way comes… Pray that your fate will be swift – for staring into its infernal gaze can plunge even the purest mind into madness. During 2020, Free League Publishing released two brand new game expansions: A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries for the praised Nordic Horror RPG VAESEN and Feretory for the award-winning pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG MÖRK BORG.

To celebrate this dual dark triumph, there is a 20% discount on both core games up from now until Halloween in the Free League webshop.


In the shadows, something stirs. Strange beings. Twisted creatures, lurking at the edge of vision. Watching. Waiting. Unseen by most, but not by you. You see them for what they really are. VAESEN.

Journey to the darkness of the Mythic North and investigate new bone-chilling cases that will test your abilities to the fullest in A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries. The expansion contains four standalone mysteries for Vaesen RPG: The Silver of the Sea, A Wicked Secret, The Night Sow and The Song of the Falling Star. All these horrifying mysteries are playable on their own or as a part of a longer campaign for all those who long for some chills and thrills in their life.

We at GamEir received a copy of the original tabletop game and I am currently in the process of setting up a game, so stay tuned.

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MÖRK BORG – a doom metal album of a game, a spiked flail to the face. Rules light, heavy everything else. The adventures of lost souls and fools seeking redemption, forgiveness, or the last remaining riches in a decaying world.

Brace yourself, because this sinful expansion Feretory includes a monster generator, new classes, terrible treasures such as The Cauldron of Lies as well as two spanking new adventures: The Death Ziggurat and The Goblin Grinder. This expansion is guaranteed to make you decent into madness. Because let us be honest, a cursed urban slaughter-fest awaits those brave (or insane) enough to enter.

Mork Borg Cult Feretory

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