World Video Game Hall of Fame

The Strong Museum has inducted four more great games into their World Video Game Hall of Fame. Spacewar!, John Madden Football, Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy VII were the inductees selected from the nominated twelve finalists.

The Games

The finalists for induction in 2018 were AsteroidsCall of DutyDance Dance RevolutionFinal Fantasy VII, Half-Life, John Madden Football, King’s Quest, Metroid, Minecraft, Ms. Pac-Man, Spacewar!, and Tomb Raider. Criteria for nomination are:

  • Icon-status – The game is widely recognized and remembered
  • Longevity – The game is more than a passing fad and has enjoyed popularity over time
  • Geographical reach – The game meets the above criteria across international boundaries
  • Influence – The game has exerted significant influence on the design and development of other games, on other forms of entertainment, or on popular culture and society in general.

This is the fourth class to be inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Previous years have seen games such as Halo: CE, DOOM, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and World of Warcraft honoured. The full selection is on the official Hall of Fame website, or if you fancy a spin, you could always head over to the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York.

There’s no arguing with the pedigree of game inducted thus far. They are all classics, and very deserving of their place in history. Anyone can nominate a game to be inducted to the Hall, whereupon the finalists will be chosen by an internal committee. The inductees each year are then selected by a team of press, industry experts, and committee members.

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The Strong

Known originally as the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum, it later became known as simply the Strong Museum, or “The Strong”.

The Strong is a highly interactive, collections-based museum devoted to the history and exploration of play. It is one of the largest history museums in the United States and one of the leading museums serving families.

A non-profit organisation, The Strong has dedicated itself to collecting and displaying items and artifacts related to play from across the globe. These span the breadth of human history and appeal to a diverse audience of adults, families, children, students, teachers, scholars and collectors. Check out the trailer for the museum itself below, and for everything else gaming, stay right here.



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