The battle-worn champions of the Alliance and the Horde have been waiting for the day to come when they must finally face N’Zoth, Azeroth’s last known Old God, who was released from his prison during the raid on Queen Azshara’s Eternal Palace. Now, the hour of corruption is at hand. Visions of N’Zoth is now live, bringing the story of Battle for Azeroth to its epic conclusion.

The final content update for the expansion adds a new raid set in N’Zoth’s domain of Ny’alotha, new Assaults upon Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, instanced Horrific Visions of Azeroth’s twisted future, quality-of-life changes, new Allied Races, and much more

The Old God N’Zoth has been unleashed from his titanwrought prison, and an ancient corruption has taken root across Azeroth, turning friends into foes and trapping warriors’ minds in nightmare visions of a hopeless future. As despair and madness consume the land, the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance will need to fight for their sanity—and the fate of their wounded world—in Visions of N’Zoth, the final, climactic major content update for Battle for Azeroth.

  • CLEANSE AZEROTH’S CORRUPTION – Return to Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, now in the grip of N’Zoth’s corrupting power. Defend these doomed lands from the relentless Assaults of the Old God’s servants, earn gear to combat his influence, and discover eldritch gateways to new horrors.
  • WITNESS YOUR WORLD’S DOOM – Glimpse the dark fates that await Stormwind and Orgrimmar in Horrific Visions, illusory instances for groups of 1 to 5 players. Face the minions of N’Zoth, retrieve potent fragments of forbidden knowledge, and prevent these twisted prophecies from becoming reality—or go mad trying.
  • THE SLEEPING CITY AWAKENS – Delve into where nightmares dwell in Ny’alotha, the Waking City, a 12-boss raid set in the Void-shrouded heart of the ancient Black Empire. Confront mad heralds and inscrutable horrors, and ultimately go eye-to-eyes with N’Zoth himself in a fateful battle for Azeroth’s survival.
  • RECRUIT NEW ALLIED RACES – Join forces with two new Allied Races, the fox-like vulpera (Horde) of Vol’dun and crafty mechagnomes of the Rustbolt Resistance (Alliance), eager to help even the odds against a god.
  • HARNESS THE POWER OF THE VOID – Turn N’Zoth’s dark power against him by seeking out weapons and armour tainted with Corruption, a new trait that provides powerful boons—with potentially deadly consequences. Seek out measures to counter these effects, or embrace its power and learn to endure the madness.
  • CRAFT A LEGENDARY CLOAK – Protecting your mind against N’Zoth requires an object of pure corruption—and Deathwing’s son Wrathion knows just where to find one. Craft and upgrade Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve, a legendary cloak with the power to save your sanity and stave off the Old God’s influence.
  • RISE AS A DEATH KNIGHT – With the launch of Visions of N’Zoth, players who’ve pre-purchased the upcoming expansion Shadowlands can create Death Knights as pandaren and any Allied Race.

And so much more – Surrender to madness and slay your own faction in PvP to earn N’Zoth’s favour; fight for control of the latest Heroic Warfront: Darkshore; delve into the Blackrock Depths pet battle dungeon; browse the redesigned Auction House; equip Heritage Armor for goblins and worgen; and much more.

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