The team behind Dying Light 2 Stay Human has announced its Stay Human Contest. Offering participants a chance to win cash prizes, the Dying Light 2 Collector’s Edition and much more. Entry categories consist of cosplay, writing and artwork. Therefore, offering plenty of options for anyone that’s a fan of the series. In case you missed it at E3, catch the game overview from Techland below. 

With these multiple categories for entry into the Stay Human Contest means you have an even greater chance of winning a prize. If you’re a creative gamer then this is a great chance to create some content for the Dying Light community. From thrilling short stories and inspiring art to captivating cosplay, this special contest allows many kinds of creative enthusiasts to share their art.

Writing: Create a short story inspired by the life of The City’s inhabitants. Examine The City through their eyes and tell us a mature, brave, surprising “Urban Legend.”

Fan Art: Create a piece of visual art that comes alive in UV light! Empty buildings, crumbling walls, and the remnants of civilization hide many secrets!

Cosplay: Become a Dying Light 2 Stay Human character with a makeshift weapon forged from metal scraps, An improvised outfit for combat and climbing, or anything else creativity unleashes.

Submissions for the Stay Human Contest are open now all the way through to December 7th. Finalists and winners will be selected by an internal team at Techland. Additionally, every finalist will receive Dying Light: Platinum Edition, which includes all major DLCs and content bundles for the award-winning, critically acclaimed game.

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