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It’s the next review in the PlayLink series of games everybody and this time I tried my hand at Knowledge is Power the trivia game for up to 6 players where you utilise your brain and the weaponry supplied to you to come out on top over your friends.

Knowledge is Power like Hidden Agenda utilises your mobile devices whether they be phones or tablets and gives up to 6 players the opportunity to show off their trivia skills. There are some neat little touches, for example, each player chooses a character and then takes a selfie afterward the game remodels you to look like the character you’ve chosen. It bears nothing to the overall quality of Knowledge is Power but it does add a playful element that will have your party rolling in their seats laughing.

I was lucky enough to have a full compliment of players so we got to experience the game in all its glory and I can say that with a smile on my face. The hilarity that ensues when you and 5 friends are dueling it out mentally is brilliant. The level of questions range from general knowledge questions of the day to questions that are specifically tailored to a theme for example at one point during our game a player got the opportunity to utilise her knowledge of Game of Thrones as the questions started to become about that series it was a momentary option which she took advantage of through use of some of the tools of the game.

This is where the true flavour and enjoyment of Knowledge is Power comes through – players are offered doors which have topics on them which can range from World History, Geography, to even Poetry and if for example one of those topics happens to be a strength of yours (like Game of Thrones) you can use a “Power Play” and override everyone else’s choices to suit your own. You can only use this play once but it can shift the game in your favour quite quickly or if you’re like my friend Simon you can use it to screw with everyone (he chose Pottery and everyone screamed in frustration). To further mess with your opponents everyone gets items that can slow down your answering of a question. These items include frost which freezes your answers so you have to crack the ice to get to the answer you think is right, gloop which covers the items in a green gloop which you need to wipe away and my personal favourite the bombs which circle around all your answers and if you hit one you immediately fail the question.

Knowledge is Power ReviewAll these elements together make for a brilliant party night with your friends and if those ridiculous tools weren’t enough they can be stacked on one player making for a hilarious experience when you see one player have every type of disadvantage on them so they can’t answer a question. It’s this fun layer of strategy that introduces another enjoyable experience for parties.

If there were any issues it would be that the phones did not connect sometimes but once I turned off and on my wi-fi the issue was immediately solved. Also, the graphics are not particularly great coming across as something similar to the first generation of PlayStation 3 titles but you don’t come to Knowledge is Power for its graphics you come for the experience with your friends and family.

Knowledge is Power is a brilliant game that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend to fans of the party game genre because it’s a must-have title.

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