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Killer Queen Black is the latest pixel art game that expands the growing roster. This 4v4 battle game has some quirky ideas. But is that enough to get your Nintendo Switch our for a multiplayer night? I have been a worker and a killer queen, sadly not with a laser beam.

In Killer Queen Black, or KQB, you are split into 2 teams of 4. In the original game it was 5v5. 3 players get to be “workers” and one player gets to be the queen. This is switched every round. The queen is able to fly from the get go and attack straight ahead and down. The “workers” can be upgraded by visiting machines which need to be activate by the queen. That way a type of class system is introduced.

Hive Jive Queen

The levels of Killer Queen Black change each round and are mad up of platforms, berries and change stations. Depending on what level is played, it may suit one or more winning conditions better. There are 3 ways to win a round. You can kill the opponents queen 3 times. The workers can bring back the required berry amount. Last, but not least, one “worker” can ride a snail over a goal line. This is my favourite way to win, because I love capture the flag or base modes. The biggest difference to the original, other than one less player each side, is that this version has new levels, abilities and weapons.

Pro Strat Killer Queen

It may not look like it, but this game allows for highly tactical gameplay styles. Soon you will learn the pros and cons of each level and which ability/weapon works best for it and your play style. What can be a bit annoying is that one of the earliest strategies is spawn camping. If the other team has that locked down, the match is basically over. The most interesting way to win is to distract the other team, especially the queen, and quietly ride the snail to victory. Due to the chaos, you would be surprised at how “fast” that little thing moves.

Queen killing it

Overall I had a great time with Killer Queen Black. Even playing with randoms worked well enough. I would recommend being the same room though, to be able to speak to your mates during a match. The art style is well suited to the game. Which plays a huge part in visualising the chosen abilities and weapons. If you have a few friends, then I can highly recommend playing KQB for some chaotic fun.

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