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I grew up with a ton of 2D platformers like Super Mario Bros, Rayman and Mega Man. Games such as Cuphead, Hollow Knight and Shovel Knight continue to prove that the 2D side scroller genre is still alive. If you’re looking to play something similar, then Whipseey And The Lost Atlas is for you. The art style is fun, colourful and reminiscent of Kirby. In fact, I would say this is Kirby without Kirby. Whipseey And The Lost Atlas is a 2D side scroller indie game. Developed by Daniel A. Ramirez and published by Blowfish Studios, it’s currently out to play.

What’s the story, Rory?

Whipseey And The Lost Atlas plants you in the shoes of a young boy called Alex. The curiosity of Alex leads him into being turned into a pink creature after finding a magical book. You are then tasked with finding the lost atlas and returning yourself to a real little boy.  The game uses a classic 16-bit style graphics, colourful pixel art and a decent challenge. The style looks like a classic NES game. One of my favourite sections was traveling on a train and moving across a LEGO like world. It’s a shame there’s only 5 levels in the game to play. Would love to see more of this.

Some parts of the game can be frustrating such as avoiding the massive amount of death spike in the first level. But with a little patience and strategy, you can sit back learn enemy movements and patterns, making it more fun.

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The Ups And Downs Of This Platformer

Playing Whipseey And The Lost Atlas you will realise that it’s a fun and challenging game to play. Only to be let down by it being so short. Great presentation on level layouts and solid mechanics. The game takes time to teach you the mechanics and level obstacles in a progressive manner, giving you time to understand how certain enemies work. The game does provide its challenges at times and other times it can be a doddle. But that could also just be me getting used to the game.

Some short comings from Whipseey And The Lost Atlas is the inability to skip cutscenes and no button remapping. No major bugs showed themselves during my play through. But one issue I did experience was as you get to the latter part of the game there are enemies required to cross a section and if you accidentally killed them you can’t continue.

Living Out Your Whipping Fantasies

To sum up the experience in Whipseey And The Lost Atlas is overall a pleasurable one. It’s nice to see a project made from just one person come to fruition. I recommend this for a play through, and who knows, they may add on more content with time.

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