Infini - Jumping back into the infinite loop
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So I decided to dive back into Infini and give it another go and to give you guys a full comprehensive review. I hope you guys enjoy.

Infini is a platformer with a very strange yet interesting aesthetic, that’s sure to grab your attention from the get-go. At the beginning of Infini you are dropped into a strange and trippy world with your goal being to reach the exit portal to venture to the next experience or realm. You explore the realms of Infini as a human character called Hope sent by Peace. You interact with other various NPCs, each of which is trying to help you to get where you want to go or “escape” infinity and get back to reality. Your ultimate goal? To transcend or reach the final level of Infini, whatever that may mean. Your only sense of reality is a timer which is counting down to the days since the “event”.

Exploring the Infini

This description of Infini’s story may seem lacking and a bit abstract, but that’s only because that is how it felt all throughout my playing of the game. While this does leave the story interpretation, it is not where the game shines. Infini’s main strength comes from its airtight and cohesive play style. It adds a lot of new and interesting spin to modern-day platforming mechanics, as well as incorporating them into largescale puzzle solving. It feels (dare I say) Super Meat Boy-esque, with a similar focus on overcoming daunting platforming. Some abilities allow you to fly, to zoom out and even traverse through dimensions (for lack of a better explanation). For my fellow platforming and puzzle-solving enthusiasts out there, there is much to be discovered and enjoyed in Infini.

Infini may seem strange and downright weird at times, but there is a genuine charm to be found in its background and atmosphere. At first, you may find Infini jarring and hard to put up with, but by the end, you’ll have learned to enjoy and cherish its otherworldly ambient environment.

Infinite problems?

However, this is as far as the strengths of Infini goes. Outside of its atmosphere and platforming, Infini doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. Its story is difficult to keep track of in the best of times and the gameplay can end up feeling very clunky and disorientating. And while I do sing the praise of Infini’s hauntingly beautiful and mystifying world, it’s not for everyone.

Many people may find it annoying or distracting in a game. What I feel is most disappointing about Infini, is that it fails to bring together its, rather impressive, mechanics into a satisfying and cohesive gameplay experience. Individually, Infini brings a lot of interesting abilities and mechanics, but this is all on paper. In practice, Infini fails to capitalise on the range of paths it can take you on.

Furthermore, the tutorials are very lacking, and are comprised of a single level which just indicates how to use one or two buttons to activate ability X. I feel more could’ve been done to show and emphasize how and when to use said ability.

In summary, Infini is a game that is only really meant for people who enjoy puzzles and a little bit of platforming, and if that doesn’t sound appealing, it is best to give it a miss. While it has some strengths, its cohesion and tutorials ultimately make it a confusing and difficult to play head-scratcher.

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