Little Town Hero: A little game with big ideas
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Little Town Hero should tick a lot of boxes for people. It is from the team behind the Pokémon games, Game Freak. It also has a soundtrack mostly written by the creator of the indie smash, Undertale and the writer/director, Masao Taya made the game for adults that cant commit to huge open world RPG’s. All those factors real should be the making of an amazing game but why did I feel like it could have been better.

It takes a village

In Little Town Hero you find the main character Axe (you can change this name if you wish) living in a little town at the edge of the world. Our hero wants to leave like his father did before him but the townsfolk have agreed with the king in the castle that they will stay in the town under his protection. Monsters start appearing in the village so it is up to our hero with the aid of his friends and fellow townspeople to try and stop them and figure out how they got there.

The brain is mightier than the sword

The battle system in Little Town Hero is nothing I have experienced before. The Hero uses his ideas which are called Izzits to come up attacks, defenses and buffers/effects. Each Izzit is allocated with a number and you use you power points to manifest these Izzits into actions called Dizzits. Each Dizzit has attack and defense points like you would find in a card game. You enemies also have Dizzits swirling around their heads which you can see so it makes you think on how to use your Dizzits in order to win. To win you need to destroy all their Dizzits which is called an All Clear then you can attack their 3 hearts (which you also have) directly with one of your attack Dizzits. If you don’t have an attack Dizzit available you will receive a Battle Point which you can use to swap out Izzits to use in your battle.

It all sounds complicated but it was really easy to get to grips with and this is why I think this game would be great for a younger gamer or someone new to role playing games. I teaches you to use your brain and think out your battles especially in the boss battles because as well as 3 hearts you and your enemy will have gut points that you need to get rid of before you can attach the hearts. In the Boss battles after each round you get to stop a move counter that lets you move around the map like in a board game. Some squares are occupied by a friend, a towns person or even a chicken that will help you in your battle so you will need to plan your moves, damn them making us use our brains again.

There is no escape

Little Town Hero is not without its flaws though. The story is very linear, even the side quests are only there to move your stats and the story along which makes the game very repetitive and boring. Even the Boss battles are drawn out to a point where I was dreading another one coming.

The characters themselves are a bit basic and their stories are nothing you will have heard before. This really let the game down and the fact the whole game is set in the little town does nothing to help it out. Yes the game was made for people on the go but for those same people to keep going back you need something more than what you are getting unfortunately and not even the great battle system can help it out.

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