Lost Epic - Is killing gods fun?
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If you don’t know what Souls-like games are by now, what rock have you been living under? They are usually super hard, with a sharp learning curve and yes you will die a lot. Lost Epic takes on this genre by setting it in a beautiful 2D world with an anime twist.

Let’s kill the Gods… again

In Lost Epic you are a God Slayer who will hunt six gods in the world known as the Sanctuary. That’s it, nice, simple, and to the point. Do not expect a big open-world Elden Ring-type game. This is as linear as it gets and the story is so vanilla that I would almost expect it from this type of game now.

This game can be so frustrating at times. Every time they do something new and good they follow it up with something so bland I just want to scream. This happens straight off the bat with the difficulty settings. Instead of the usual Easy, Normal, and Hard, they have -1 and +1. This is followed by a very short tutorial put a big checkmark in the good column. Then it’s ruined by a rather basic character creator that you click on a pick and voice section. This is a time when character creations usually take me the guts of an hour and that I truly love was a kick in the nuts.

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Nose to the grind

As with most Souls-like games, players are given little to no direction on where or what to do. There is a map and a linear path to begin with. After that, it’s all about exploration and discovering new areas and monsters. If this is the path you want to go down there are several skills, abilities, powers, and stats to grind out. If you are looking to get straight into killing the six Gods as quick as possible, without the grind you will find it a hell of a lot harder.

Being a Final Fantasy veteran I am in the former camp. I don’t mind the grind to level up enough to be just that bit more powerful than everything. Items are found hidden throughout the world or dropped from enemies. You use these to create armour, and weapons, cook food or simply create items to make it easier on yourself. A good aspect of this is upgrading your weapons. You will need to do this as at most points you will be swarmed by monsters of all kinds, altogether.

The combat in Lost Epic is really what you would expect from this type of game. Light, heavy, and special attacks vary with each weapon. The counter system is easy to master and mess up at times which I did constantly. The part that let me down was the monsters. Don’t get me wrong they were plentiful and at some stages difficult to beat. I just hate when games give you a hard, new, mostly huge monster to fight. Then the next time you face them they have been downgraded power-wise. This does happen a lot but it’s just a little bugbear I have.

A sight to behold

Lost Epic’s setting and visuals are the best things about this game. It is stunning to look at with a very colourful pallet and makes you want to find the next area. The soundtrack is everything you’d expect from an anime-type game. Big boss battle themes and music that suits the background scenery that is always welcomed.

For a Souls game that you will finish in 20-ish hours, Lost Epic isn’t the worst. Veterans of this genre will find it on the simple side. Unfortunately for me the negatives just outshone the positives and even with my love for the grind, I found it bland in parts.

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