A Review in Progress: Spin Rhythm XD
A crazy fun game with optical and audio delights. for its charm and playability plus optional controllers to enhance gameplay I fell it is worth of a high score.
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What is Spin Rhythm XD? I admit, I never heard of this game. When I found out it was a music “Rhythm timing” game, I wasn’t looking forward to playing it.

Not since the days of Bust A Groove and Parappa The Rappa have I ventured down these streets.

But boy was I wrong!

Sudden Excitement

I load up the game for the first time and get a funky, Daft Punk slap in the face! I did not retaliate, I actually quite enjoyed it.

The pascal digital landscape you are treated with for a menu is inviting as it is intriguing.

I did not have the optional controller, it resembles a miniature DJ turntable and Midi, but I can only imagine how much more fun that would make the already funkadelic experience. Regardless, using the mouse and keyboard works a treat.

The tutorial is quick and really gets your mind sweating as you figure out the sudoku puzzle, that is, timing your clicks and flicks to the rhythm.

Soon enough though, you resemble a young Matt Damon standing at a chalkboard, wildly flailing his wrists in ultimate confidence, knowledge, and execution. All the time hearing the juicy beats pop as you hit the buttons with perfection, scoring wild points and feeling like a DJ god.


It all works from a fix cog-like wheel in the centre of the screen, it consists of two colours, blue and pink. Little nodes flow toward you in different colours and you have to match them to the wheel and follow them as they swerve and roll from left to right. It’s tricky, I found myself enjoying the music so much I would get distracted.

A Major tip:  Wear headphones or hook up to a loud sound system because the soundtrack is a treat to the eardrum.

Even more enticing is the launch trailer. Get your headphones on now and watch the trailer below.

I can sit down and just listen to the music Super Spin Digital has compiled for this awesome game.

Here is a list of just a few of the gifted artists:

  • Hyper Potions.
  • Nitro Fun.
  • Subtact.
  • Tut Tut Child.
  • Panda Eyes.
  • Teminite.
  • Pegboard Nerds.
  • Tristam.
  • Braken.
  • Maxo.


I wanted to dislike this game based on my bias of the genre, I never really understood the allure. However, Spin Rhythm XD converted me and feed me a big old slice of humble pie. I loved it!

Fun, brain-twisting, super attractive to pay and it flows beautifully!

It is just so darn colourful and delightful to the soul. Truly an enjoyable experience and addictive. Opium for both the ears and the eyes.

Spin Rhythm XD will release on October 22nd for PC via Steam, retailing at 19.99 USD so roughly the same in Euro.

I will leave you with a Twitter link to the Spin Rhythm XD being executed (No, not by Matt Damon) on the Turntable and Midi controllers. It is sure to be a hit with all DJ, rhythm and music lovers worldwide

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