DotEmu, developer and publisher specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games, and Lizardcube, have unveiled today a brand-new character for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

Over the past few months we’ve showcased the various half-animal, playable characters, along with the popular Retro Feature and now it’s time to reveal the Human hero. Along with Wonder Boy in his classic form, you can now play as the totally awesome, totally radical Wonder Girl! Bringing the game to a new, larger audience necessitated sprinkling the classic with many improvements – one of which is a female character who is just as strong, just as fierce as the titular male hero.

A good curse makes a good game (or so they say)! turned into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity by the Meka-Dragon, a lonesome adventurer is facing the challenge of a lifetime! In search for a cure, our mutated anti-hero will explore the many traps of Monster Land… and defeat many stuff-throwing, curse-wielding dragons. How many more transformations can one hopeful body survive, as it turns into a Lizard, a Mouse, a Piranha, a Lion, and a Hawk… The six different forms of our shape-shifting hero make up the cast of this non-stop action-adventure platformer!


-A huge interconnected world!
-6 playable forms for our shape-shifting hero, with different abilities!
-Dragons of all kinds! A Zombie Dragon! A Mummy Dragon! A Samurai Dragon!
-An eye-patch wearing shop-keeper pig who may or may not provide a sense of warmth and direction!
-Beautiful, hand-drawn animated graphics!
-A memorable soundtrack, based on Shinichi Sakamoto’s originals, re-imagined and recorded with classical instruments!
-Play as the game’s classic character, Hu-Man, or as his brand-new, long-awaited co-star Hu-Girl.
-Switch from modern graphics and sound to 8-bit graphics/audio at any time – even during gameplay!
-Enjoy 3 difficulty levels catering to players of all types!
…and more to be announced!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap will be available on April 18 for the PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch


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